The number three is by no means insignificant. It is like a refrain in so many spiritual and mystical currents. There is of course the Christian Trinity, the three Jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, dharma, Sangha),the Hindu Trimatuti (Brahma, Vishnou, Shiva), the divine trio venerated by ancient Egypt; Osiris, Isis and Horus. Celts had triskel (which translates into three rays) and the taoists worked with the three operating entities of the universe; that is, heaven, earth and man. For them, the Tao gives birth to the One. One begets two (Ying and Yang) and two begets three (Sancai: Heaven-Earth-Man). Ultimately, it is from the three that the universe can be generated.



I could go on and on, but I think we can already agree on the fact that this number three is not trivial and that it has resonated with man since the beginning of time. It is also found in the heart of humanity’s two greatest medicinal traditions. In fact, the Ayurveda considers three vital energies: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These three doshas are held responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes of our body and mind. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on three combustion pits in the body and three levels of energy (surface, intermediate and deep).
My purpose here is to link all these visions together to discover the essential knowledge that lies behind this symbolic concept of the three.
Our current science recognizes the existence of four so-called core forcesThe strong nuclear force, which is the most powerful and which man exploits in nuclear power plants, and thethe electromagnetic, gravitational and weak nuclear forces. This model has been around for several decades. Indeed, researchers are looking for a unifying theory that would help to understand and explain where these four forces come from and what links them together.

But at another level of understanding and perception, there are really only three forces, or three powers in the universe. No other energy or process needs to be used to explain and define Existence and our experience with it.

There are three strengths: CREATION, PRESERVATION and DESTRUCTION.
From these three energies everything is possible!





When we look at life and the universe, we can see that all life is based on the fractal principle. A fractal figure is a mathematical object, the structure of which is invariant by scale change. That means you can see the same things at a all levels of the micro and the macrocosm that you’re at. So I can find the truth of these three forces by observing the life of a cell, a tree, a star, a galaxy, or the universe (except, of course, for the universe, we are outside the framework of human temporality). Let us use an example to illustrate this principle. A star was born on the basis of elements that concentrate (creation phase). These constituent elements come from interstellar clouds, and the atoms in these clouds come from the core of other stars. A star thus appears on the basis of elements generated by other stars. The luminous star then lives by consuming resources (hydrogen and helium) that allow it to keep burning, and by doing so releases energy (preservation phase). And one day the star eventually dies, collapsing into itself (destruction phase).


Now let’s take a cell. Like the star, it’s spherical in shape, but on a completely different scale. The cell was born on the basis of elements that surround it and through another cell. Like the star, it exists because of other pre-existing cells.Then it consumes elements captured in its environment and releases energy. One day, it ends up dying by collapsing into itself. This is only one example among an infinite number of others. I urge you to play with this principle in order to discover in your own experience the links that make it possible to bring all the elements of existence in resonance. It is absolutely fabulous to see that what we can infer from the essentials of any observation can be applied throughout the universe.

Here is another example so that you can feel better how it works. If humans pollute waterways, the surrounding flora suffer and become sick. The wildlife that consumes these toxic plants is weakening and the entire ecosystem is dying. In the same way, if a person discharges harmful products (cf. poor diet and pollution) into his or her inner streams, his or her cells will begin to malfunction and, little by little, certain organs, which can be compared to ecosystems, will become sick.



LIGHT AND PRISM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
By following this fractal logic, let us look together at the phenomenon of white sunlight. Let it pass through a prism, a cut glass block with three sides on a triangular base (simplest version). What’s going to happen? The white light beam is going to be divided into seven colours. We are all familiar with this fascinating phenomenon called the scattering of light.


This shows us that a single energy charged with information potential (here white light) needs to meet a structure based on the three (the prism) to deploy all its content. In terms of colour, there is nothing more to add. Everything is contained in the white light and made manifest through the three. Christians have expressed something very similar when they say that the one god manifests itself through the Trinity.
La trinité


Still on the subject of colours, it is important to note that the three primary colours are enough to create all the others.

At the scale of the universe, let us extrapolate the phenomenon we have just seen from the logic of fractal. We should be able to use the same principle to discover how the unique and primordial energy underlying all manifestations behaves. So that energy has to go through a structure based on the three. And it is, based on the experience and understanding that has been offered to me, based on the three strengths that I’ve already spoken about: creation, preservation, and destruction.

On the scale of men, life must pass through the prism of father, mother and child in order to offer all its wealth and to be able to unfold. You start to see the principle. It penetrates all levels of all dimensions.




Let us return to the more relative level of our existence. What can we do with these observations and the three forces? How can this be useful to us in our earthly life? Before I go any further, let me give you my definition of the life we enjoy here on earth. Life is an energy that when it passes through the prism of « birth-existence-death » generates a wide range of experiences. And since we’ve seen that the universe is a fractal system, we can infer something from our observation of light. If the white beam gives seven groups of colour, it is likely that the beam of life gives rise to seven broad categories of experiments. I will come back to this exciting subject at another time. For the time being, what I want to highlight is the application of this understanding.
There is one wheel that turns and that wheel is transformation and change. The Buddhist and Hindu cultures call it the wheel of dharma, the wheel of universal law. And it builds onthe three forces I’m talking about. Just as we cannot oppose the law of gravity, it is not possible to circumvent this universal law.
So our goal should be to understand it and to align ourselves with it. Of course, we can ignore it or resist it, but it only causes suffering and desolation in our lives.
Since there is not a single point in the universe that can derogate from this Law, it is necessarily as active and present in us. In fact, according to the principle of fractal, the universe in its entirety and in its smallest detail is inscribed in the heart of man. So let’s look inside ourselves and have access to all the knowledge. Or as the Greeks had engraved on the pediment of the temple of Delphis, “know yourself and you will know the Universe and the gods”.
What is our main source of vital energy? We agree with food, don’t we? Have you noticed that our natural foods are white light transformed by plants? They allow animals to eat and live, but whether you eat animals or plants, the base is the same. It’s photosynthesis that is the origin of what lives on this earth. So we eat transformed light. In order to feed us, it must pass through the prism of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Always the three!
For us mammals, the first of the three strengths is our digestive system. This is where our energy and the resources that our bodies need are created. If you are not convinced, stop eating for a few weeks and observe your vitality and changes in the state of your body.
The second strength is at the level of our heart and therefore our ability to love. How can we preserve our body, our health and our relationships without love? It is impossible! Without a modicum of love for oneself and for life, you quickly self-destruct. So this space of the heart is the seat of energy that allows us to care for and sustain.
And finally, the third force, the destroying force, is at the level of our head. Is it not thought that makes us want things to be different from what they are? And if we want to change our reality, we have to abandon the old, let it die. It is being destroyed to give way to a new reality. Of course, this is neither right nor wrong nor tragic. It’s just the law that everything changes and nothing can be permanent (other than impermanence!).
So we have the digestive system for creative force, the heart for preservation, and the head for destruction.




But any good alchemist would exclaim here, « what is at the top is like what is at the bottom! » And of course he would be absolutely right. It is true that the head creates new ideas and that the belly destroys food to derive nutrients. Only the heart at the centre does not move, it is there to love and that is all. And when I say “that’s all”, I mean 100%. Indeed,there is nothing that is constant in the Universe other than Love, and I will show it to you.
Let’s go back to the number three and the three forces and compare them to a flat scale. The latter is also composed of three elements, two of which are mobile and interchangeable (the trays) and one of which is fixed and central (the column).So the trays here symbolize the forces of creation and destruction that are always proportional, andthe column, the balancing pillar, represents Love, the heart of the device.
If there were any imbalance between what appeared to be created and being destroyed, the Universe would cease to be Etre. That is what the Lavoisier principle shows us.
In considering this, an irresistible urge comes to me. To Descartes’ assertion, “I think so I am”, I burn to reply “Love is therefore That exists”.
René was an inspired and intelligent man, but there is no logic in his formula “cogito ergo sum”. Though and being are, but that in no way proves that there is a “I”. In his defence, his era was that of the struggle for reason in the face of the darkness of religious darkness.
But let’s get back to the equilibrium of our universal balance. Since nothing gets lost and nothing gets created, but everything changes, we get a constant.
But we saw earlier that only impermanence is permanent and that Love is the element of stability between the forces of creation (belly) and destruction (head). So we get an equivalence between transformation, impermanence and Love. Three different ways of expressing the constant of the Universe.
By taking the time to let these findings permeate us, we open ourselves to a new life. An existence where we focus in the heart through the depth of our understanding of the Law. Fear has no place in such a light. Because what are we afraid of if not change? Change in small things like work, breakups, habits, or big things like illness and death.
But as soon as we let ourselves be penetrated to the bone by the flow of perpetual change, we are free. Free because we are this stream, we are not separated from the All whatever our senses and beliefs may say. The very essence of this flow is Love. The “I” and the “me” have no reality, they are just fleeting bubbles on the surface of this infinite current… brief illusions.
Love is what raises, protects, sustains, nourishes and enables one to grow, as a mother naturally does. Have you not noticed that the Universe offers this to us at every moment? We receive a framework for evolution, we receive all the resources we need to live and grow safely on this earth Light, oxygen, food, heat, medicinal plants, beauty and an infinite array of other things are given to us unconditionally. This universal Love is comparable to a sun. It radiates in all directions and offers us a range of experiences beyond what we can imagine.


Chute d'eau


To rediscover the harmony and unity, the joy and happiness which are natural expressions of our true nature, it is good to settle at the centre. A lot of people talk about the centre of gravity and the importance of focusing. But few people understand what that means. There are two aspects to getting into that space. One is geographic. As we’ve seen, the centre is the heart. That’s where the balance is.






Man, when standing in front of life, defines a vertical axis between earth and heaven. As soon as it opens to embrace existence, its arms draw a horizontal axis. His body then becomes a cross whose centre is inhabited by the energetic heart of his being. This is where the essential is happening!
The second aspect is “feeling”. There is only one possible way out of the never-ending illusions of thought. And it’s very simple, you can’t get it wrong, because there’s no other option to be in direct contact with the truth. And that “sense” exists through the body. When masters zens say “here and now”, that is what they are referring to. When you’re in the “feeling”, you’re not dreaming about tomorrow or going back to yesterday.
When these two conditions of « feeling » and of the heart are met, it becomes possible to come into contact with the flow of this energy that underlies the Universe. And as we have seen, this energy is Love.
I would like, as a conclusion and a summary, to give you a way to not forget what is the highest. Imagine that you are in Egypt facing the great pyramid. Its base is square, so made up of four sides. It is this part that is in contact with the earth, with matter. This base symbolizes the four forces recognized by science, which focuses only on what is rational, material, square.
Then, when you rise a little, you discover the triangular shape that forms the sides of the pyramid. We’re going from the four to the three, and that’s the transition from the materialistic to the spiritual perspective. According to spiritual perspective, we only need three forces to explain the world.
Let’s continue our ascent to the highest point. We are now on the top of the building. All the lines come together to form the tip. We arrive at the number one! In reality, there is only one force, one light, one energy. In order to meet her, it is necessary to rise. And at every level of this elevation, a paradigm shift takes place within us to allow us to move to a more subtle reality.




Thus, unique and unconditional Love descends into matter through this ternary structure that we have explored together.
From top to bottom, the pyramid shows us 1, 3 and finally 4.
Note that 3 + 4 = 7. We return to this game of scattering light that gives us the 7 colours of the rainbow. To those who wish to return to water at the source, to cross the prism in the other direction and to dive into the centre of the heart. Once you get there, learn to feel and be patient. You will see over time that all beauty, power, joy and knowledge are there from all eternity.

Author: Pierre-Emmanuel Canon  –  Premananda

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